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Inland Empire Milling Co., Inc. services both US domestic markets as well as export markets worldwide. We provide a variety of top quality western commodities, particularly from the western region of the US, known for it's high quality production.

All products are available certified organic and can be machine cleaned and packaged according to the individual customers needs.

Below is a list of our commonly traded products. Neither the product nor variety lists are comprehensive, so please call or e-mail to inquire about availablility for anything not included.

White Wheats

  • Soft White Wheat

  • ​Hard White Wheat​​

  • Western White Wheat: Minimum 20% Club Wheat

  • 100% Club Wheat​​

Red Wheats

  • Dark Northern Spring Wheat

  • Hard Red Winter Wheat​​

  • Soft Red Winter Wheat


  • Malting, Feed, and Food

    • Lenetah, 2 Row (Feed)

    • Lyon, 2 Row (Feed or Malt)

    • Lacey, 6 Row (Malt)

    • Havener Hulless, (Food)


  •  (Bred and developed by Progene Plant Research)

    • Journey Spring Forage Pea

    • Compass Spring Forage Pea

    • Icicle Winter Green Pea

    • Keystone Winter Green Pea

    • Aragorn

    • Ginny 2

    • Hampton (USDA ARS)

    • Austrian Winter Peas


  • Feed Barley

  • Oats

  • Yellow Corn

  • DDGS

  • Cull Peas

Pulses and Others

  • Millet

  • Popcorn: Human Grade & Birdseed Quality

  • Soybeans: GMO & Non-GMO

  • Flax Seed & Meal

  • Canola-Rapeseed Seed & Meal

  • Whole Peas: AWP, Dry Green, & Yellow 

  • Split Peas: Green & Yellow

  • Garbanzo's

  • Lentils

Whole Green Peas
Soft White Wheat
Dark Northern Spring Wheat
2 Row Feed Barley
Austrian Winter Peas
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