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Inland Empire Milling Company, Inc. provides a variety of pea products ranging from edible whole green peas for export and domestic use, to forage peas good for feed or wildlife plots. All products are available certified organic and can be machine cleaned and packaged according to the individual customer needs. Our packaging includes, but is not limited to, containers, bags, and totes. We offer seed in all the below varieties. Seed is available in the treated or untreaded form and innoculant is available upon request. Please refer to the SEED page for more information.

Dry Whole Green Peas

Our most common human consumption whole green peas are the Ginny 2, Hampton, and our newest variety Passion. This dry edible grean pea is available containerized, bagged, or in totes.  Ginny 2 has excelled in the snack food market, and Passion will also both domestically and internationally. These whole green peas are a great option for making split peas, sprouting, and making snack foods.

Austrian Winter Peas

Our Austrian Winter Peas are also available containerized, bagged, or in totes for export into the international market or domestic use. This variety of pea tends to be preferred for wildlife plots, bird food, forage blends and livestock feeds.


Forage Peas

We carry 3 types of forage peas developed by Progene Plant Research, LLC. These peas are ideal for livestock forage, sprouting, use as a cover crop, and wildlife food plots. They are available in totes or by 50 or 100 pound bags. Please call Jerry at 509-648-3366 for pricing.

Compass Spring Forage Peas

Spring forage or wildlife variety, strong early seedling vigor and develops plant growth faster than other peas providing quicker wildlife grazing. It has been used as a fall seeded forage and cover crop pea in California with good success. We are also beginning to see great results with this variety as a spring cover crop. It is also used extensively as a spring seeded forage pea by itself and in blends with spring oats and other spring small grain forages.

PVP #20020014.

  • Strong Early Seedling Vigor

    • This allows the Compass Green Forage Pea to develop plant growth faster than other peas making it a great choice for a nurse crop. Its strong early plant growth also makes it more compatible in a forage blend.

  • Small Seed Size

    • The pea seed is 15.4g per 100 seeds. Its small size provides maximum forage for your dollar.

  • Digestible and Palatable

    • Its white flower indicates that it is free of tannins resulting in a more digestible and palatable pea.

  • Pea Shoot Variety

    • This forage pea variety works well for producing pea shoots.

Keystone and Icicle Winter Forage Peas 

Flexible enough for forage, bio-covor crop, and wildlife markets. 

  • Exeptional forage growth

  • Late flowering

    • Late flowering like a winter pea allows it to match up with the maturity of an oat or triticale.

  • Stooling capabilities

    • Very strong stooling capabilities.

    • More seeds per pound purchased.

    • As good or better winter durability as any other winter pea.

  • Seedling Vigor

    • Seedling vigor along with high yield of forage growth provides for better bio cover crop plantings.

  • Digestible and Palatable

    • Icicle also boasts a while flower free of tannins making it better tasting and more digestible for an effective wildlife plot.

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