COVID-19 Update:

Following the Gov.’s “stay-at-home” order, the IEMC office will be taking steps to reduce foot traffic. We will remain staffed during normal business hours and will be adopting the same policies as many of the other St. John businesses. The office will be closed to in person business, however, we will be available for curbside pickup of any paperwork or materials you may need from us (please call ahead so we can have it ready)! There is a drop box located on the porch for any materials you may need to get to us promptly. We will be available to conduct business as usual by phone, email, mail, and text. With very little in-person business happening this time of year, we are confident that these slight temporary changes should not negatively impact any of our customers. The elevators and seed facility will remain open, but please be courteous of our employees and their families by keeping your distance and only entering the office areas if completely necessary. Thank you so much for working with us!


9:40 A.M.

Receive daily bids via text message!


Call or e-mail



Prices will be updated at least once daily and are subject to change without notice.

All bids are quoted Portland (coast) price.

For a net price, subtract freight, handling, and storage.


Office hours:

7:30 am - 4:30 pm

Monday - Friday


We are always in the market for farm stored BARLEY, please call for a very competitive bid.

DNS Protein:

Minimum 14%

+.00/-.02 ea. 1/4%

HRW Protein:

Minimum 11.5%

+.03/-.07 ea. 1/2%


Maximum 10.5%

No Premium

See the contact page for more ways to contact us. Thank you!


4 N. Park Ave.

St. John, WA 99171-0118

United States

Ph:  (509) 648-3366

Alt:  (800) 809-3206

Fax: (509) 648-3265


226 S. Donald Ave.

Arlington Heights, IL 60004

United States

Ph: (847) 749-3834

Fax: (847) 749-1053